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  Shatev is a beautiful hotel located in south-western Bulgaria. It has the perfect location - only 11 km from the famous Bulgarian ski resort Bansko, 160 km from the Bulgarian capital Sofia, and 60 km away from the largest city in the south-western part of the country - Blagoevgrad. It is also only 108 km away from the Greek border.
    It"s situated at the foot of the gorgeous Pirin mountain, surrounded by wonderful pine forest, 1050 m above sea-level.
    In the winter the hotel is the perfect place for people with passion for
snow, mountains and skiing.
    During the summer "Shatev" is a starting point for walking-tours between
countryside Betolovoto and Pirin mountain.
    The hotel has a unique location that offers many opportunities for relaxation trough sport, tourism or through the peace and serenity of the awesome mountain peaks.
  * Our offer for your ski holidays near Bansko/Razlog

Hotel Shatev offers plenty of safety parking spots for no fee.  See photos

*We will be glad to organize your next business meetings, seminars, or any other firm events.
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